poniedziałek, 22 października 2012

Agile vs Waterfall

Today it struck me how people need to assign values to concepts, even when it doesn't make any sense. I've heard many opinions about Scrum/Kanban being better than Waterfall, while in fact saying such sentence has exactly the same amount of sense as "An axe is better than a hammer" - maybe it is when you want to chop the tree...

Huge amount of agilists (I'm one of them, at least to some extend ;-)) try to convince us that Waterfall is a relic of ancient times while Agile (meaning Scrum or lately Kanban) is the future.
IMHO both Waterfall and Scrum/Kanban are just tools. Both require some learning, and both can be misused. One could argue which one is more difficult but definitely both can and does bring value.

They just need to be used wisely, we wouldn't fix an iron with a hammer but on the other hand using screw driver to hammer a nail would also be awkward.

It seems to me that Classic and Agile Methodologies are just tools in our toolbox of management techniques. One needs to know them in order to use them whenever it is feasible.